Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Target Card Give-Away


I am entering a give away sponsored by


for a $25 Target card. I love shopping at “My” Target. I wonder if any one else has an adopted favorite store…hmmm…

I do hope I win =-) Have a beautiful!

Happy Surprise


So My Fav had a 3 day weekend (woHoo)


I love it when those come around. He’s such a workaholic though that he immediately wanted to tackle several of our seems-like-it-will-never-end list of home improvement projects that his wife keeps dreaming up. But you know, we are tired. We have an extremely busy life and coming towards to the end of the year, things are becoming a bit busier… Soooooo I convinced him to do only one thing. And look at what we found!


Yep we finally tackled our garden again, rescuing it from weeds and mint (sigh I was so hope filled over my two mint plants, but alas they seem to be trying to take over) and wrangled back our tomato and cantaloupe vines again! We were surprised also to see our strawberry bush still thriving, and little bell peppers growing. Our dogs were thrilled too, they got the smaller carrots, um and a piece of the one on the left too!

TTYL! Have a Beautifilled!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Better Late…

So  I was reminded today that I have yet to share travel images from um, Last Years Anniversary travels…sigh. So for our gracious hosts who not only put us up, but put up with us AND showed us their fair city, (such a beautiful, wonderful time) here are the first images. Enjoy.


Our first night. Ahhh the majesty of a Michigan Lake…



Our Hosts and my Fav…


Around Ann Arbor, and picking perfect Raspberries. I think I need a shipment, hint hint…

Be Blessed and have a beauty-filled! Good Night

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feeling Guilty

So wow, another late night, and I know I should have blogged earlier. I wanted to share all the wonder-filled things that occurred since the last time I sat here up late. Like our Church picnic where my God Daughter “Age3” took photos of the ducks,

IMG_2032        Apollo Ducks 1  

Apollo Ducks 2  Apollo Ducks 3

She really is a good little photographer (Shot on manual with auto focus engaged under my supervision)

And when my husband and I feasted on a stewed concoction from our garden,


And how could I forget our awesome finds at Habitat For Humanity’s Restores!



Life has been good. very busy, but good, and as I sit here up late again, trying to fit everything in making sure every hat I wear gets put on before the sun comes up, I am learning to use Windows Live Writer which SHOULD allow me to blog more frequently and much easier.

I should be back here more often if things go well with this program. So far I really like the speed and ease of use, so that now when I do blog, I wont be feeling guilty about how much time it’s taking. =-)

Have a most beautiful,  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Up Late

So I'm up late again, goofy excited and feeling a bit guilty too about this here blog. See I have yet to update my business blog, but am posting here on my personal one. I feel so free lol. For the past few weeks I have been perusing DIY blogs and have become inspired to further enhance the quality of life of my own family, to begin participating in the Moments I Treasure, with the People I Treasure, in conjunction with capturing PhotosUTreasure (yup you guessed it that's my Company. Did I mention I have a tendency to shuck corn late at night? That I get a bit goofy? That my natural wit, transforms into puns? No? Oh ok... hahaha. Time to call it a night. Welcome to my world and thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Have a Beautiful!