Saturday, June 28, 2014

It’s About Family : A Teaser Story


I love, love. The heart has an amazing capacity to be filled, and overflow continuously, and to flourish and expand, with love. This family has that type of love in spades. It’s an enduring, accepting encouraging type of love that grows and grows year by year.



It shows in the bold confidence in their smiles,




their comfort in laughter, the gentleness in their touch, the wildness in their “par-tay”



We are both honored and excited to formally tease you! And you have been teased. You are blessed. Have a Beautiful!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

BT: A Teaser Story


The first day of Summer, a perfectly fitting, beauty filled day for a portrait session to celebrate a project for new beginnings. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!



Have a beautiful! You have been teased!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dinner : Gluten Free Vegan Raw-Nut Meat Sloppy Joes Yum!


So.. I was supposed to have made or at least have prepped some gluten free vegan hotdogs for dinner. But um I didn’t… Still we had to eat and dining out gets really old when your food choices are whittled down to two main dishes. What to do?..

Enter the improvised dinner! My Fav brought home a pack of gluten free buns for some black bean burgers that I also did not make, and I thought to myself why not Sloppy Joes? Here is how they turned out, and YUM!


I altered a recipe slightly for Raw Taco “Meat” made with walnuts. If you know me then you know I don’t usually follow recipes, measure, or remember exact portions for ingredients (thus my food tends to taste differently every time I make it.) But roughly here is what I did:

I put walnuts, chopped bell pepper, onion, and a tomato into a food processor with some seasonings. I used a taco seasoning mix, but I thing I may try barbeque seasoning next time, and pulsed until it looked like I wanted it to. Then I piled my Gluten Free Buns with garlic spread, olive tapenade, red leaf lettuce, tomato, and an avocado. And Yes it got all over the place.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lemonheads and Laffy Taffy: A Birthday Celebration


We made it! And we are glad we did. a 70’s themed birthday party with a retro candy bar, outfitted guest, and music I grew up hearing to boot. I am still sporting my bubble gum wrapper tattoo. I use to love those.

rb40-2 rb40-4

While my fro wasn’t fro-ing for me, I was styling with my hot pink-yellow-orange-baby pink-and black striped /paisley caftan (moo-moo), and so was my Fav in his yellow and brown silk paisley shirt. We had fun! A great excuse to get “dressed up”!

Thanks lady for the invite and many happy days ahead!




Friday, June 6, 2014

Etsy Craft Night at Off The 14


I was both honored and thrilled to be invited to the first ever Craft Party at Off The 14. If you don’t know, it’s “Your "go-to" guide to local shopping, dining, events, services & night life in the AV.” Located in a trendy little space on The Boulevard Space722, Lancaster that is, whose owner has a great vision for our home town.

And this is what I made!


Isn’t it adorable. It was my first time messing around with rhinestones, and I think It came out great. Thanks Miss A. And yes that is some hand stitched embroidery around the image of my mom. Don’t look too close!

My grandmother taught me to embroider by hand, and while I never really got in to it, doing this reminded me of her, and I was glad to be able to embellish this image of my mom with it.

Oh and did you notice? why yes, it IS the first image I placed on my wall. Sad I know but as a photographer with literally hundreds of thousands of images, it’s hard to choose just the right ones to display.


So here’s to a great night for beginnings OFF THE 14!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Negligent : Mother’s Day Our Way


In the wake of everything that has been going on (this is our busy season after all), I was um gently reminded that I never posted images from my own family’s Mother’s Day. Yes I was negligent. But now I am not. Here are some of the most important people in my world.



These are for those who comment on the lack of images of us on here. Be content.


The Diva’s


The Goof Balls



Jumping Around


The Sisters – They were up to something!



Apparently I am not as tall as I think I am… Shocking!








We had a blast. Love these humans. Always. You have been teased!