Sunday, June 24, 2012

And the Sugar Went Flying….


Why oh, why, did I get it in my head to make peanut butter cookies. Just because I love peanut butter and wanted cookies does not qualify me to make them! I am so laughing at myself. I watched YouTube Videos galore, I called my mom the Cookie Queen, and my sister Miss.-Bake-A-Lot, for help trying to boost my confidence. Yet when I turned on the hand mixer in an attempt to blend the butter and sugar together… the sugar went flying.

Now to my defense, I haven’t used a hand mixer since I was like 8 ok, and like low speed on a hand mixer is still very fast, but even I knew the sugar should not have been splattered around the kitchen (and peanut butter too sigh). Apparently just because the butter gives when you squeeze it doesn’t mean it has sufficiently softened. Hence the flying sugar. Ah well, I had a pretty crumbly batter


and thus some pretty crumbly but oh so peanut buttery, melt in your mouth AND in your hands super delicious Peanut Butter Cookies.


And yes I did add more Peanut Butter than the recipe required! I just LOVE Peanut Butter!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make it Better- Not Exactly A Self Portrait


I know I promised this next Make It Better would be about self portraits, but honestly, I ran into a huge problem trying to put together this post. The self in the self portrait. The day I felt really cute, I was unable to make self images, and the other days, there really wasn’t an image of me I wanted to make! So for now, I will put this particular MIB on hold. Maybe I can get my Fav to do one using my instructions… hmm that’s an idea.

So instead, we will focus on gardens ( this is also a garden update =-D )

In my opinion, the best times to make garden images are early morning or late evening. That being said, if you are shooting other times during the day, take the time to look around and find the best lighting .

This first shot is more than a bit bright. The sun was shining directly on it and the high contrast doesn’t do justice to the lush green and bright yellow colors of the bok choi we have growing


By moving to the opposite side, not changing any camera settings, I was able to get this shot.


It is great to get an overall garden shot,


just remember to get close up too, and really showcase the type of plant or flower you have growing, Otherwise everything can have a tendency to blur together. Your viewer would really appreciate knowing where and what to look at.

gu-5 gu-6 gu-7 gu-8 gu-3 gu-4

Have Fun Making It Better!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Sooo, Los Angeles has an African American Fire Fighters Museum?… About thirty minutes from where I grew up too! I tell you I love my job and my awesome clients who look for fantastic places to host events!

grad-6 grad-11

           grad-1 grad-4

Congratulations to all the 2012 graduates celebrating the beginning of a great future.

grad-10 grad-9 grad-2 grad-3 grad-8 grad-5

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A 168 Year


I was recently asked if I had any projects in the works. The very thought makes me kind of laugh, because of all my current projects, (diy home office make over and solar dehydrator, garden, and a very busy business at the top of my list), none would satisfy this person. He was asking about my film projects.  Not video or cinematography that we do professionally, but my personal film making projects. Sigh. I must admit, I have been thinking of making a new film, but ever since I entered the 168 film project about a year ago, I have been reluctant to do another… Until recently. Wow, I know! It took an entire year to recuperate from the very intense 168 hours of casting, filming, editing and submitting. This contest is not for the faint of heart! Yet my heart did faint! I was exhausted. Up ALL night for a week straight trying to create a mini masterpiece (uh not quite) with limited funds and resources just to satisfy my personal desire to visually depict a story. Insane! And yes, I think I’m ready to do it again!

Here’s the trailer from the first one.

If you are interested in learning more or participating yourself goto :

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. W


I so love documenting the unification of families. Today saw us at the announcement celebration of Mr. and Mrs. W, a truly gorgeous couple whose family and friends came out to party!

mjw-1  mjw-2

May all your days be gentle and may you cherish each other always.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reluctant Model


I just procured new photographic equipment and could hardly wait to give it a try. So, as it was evening/night time, I decided to descend on my Sis for an impromptu session.


Needless to say, I love new equipment, and my reluctant model. =-)

yod-1 yod-2

          yod-3 yod-4

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mama T- Celebrating 100 Years


Saturday saw us celebrating the 100th birthday of the beloved Mama T.

mtbd-3 mtbd-4 mtbd-1

People came from near and far to honor this beautiful woman.

I learned much about the history of my Fav’s family, and America just sitting around the table of her loved ones.


May your every day be peace filled and beautiful. Happy Birthday.

Distinguished Gentlemen


For Memorial Day, my pastor called up a couple gentlemen from our armed forces so that we could honor and pray for those who serve or have served our country with their lives. 

avmd-3 avmd-1  avmd-2

Thank you for working to protect us.

Musical Road


The other day, my Fav surprised me with a trip to the Musical Road sponsored by Honda. I don’t really know what I thought I’d see, but I plopped my new Camera, and my old one too in the front seat with me just in case, oh and also since we were going on a spontaneous outing, we may as well bring our fur babies along too right?  Poor Fav, I know he planned on taking me on a nice quick drive, but it took almost an hour to secure everything and everyone, the sun was beginning to set, Tui our pup flat out REFUSED to get in the car. My Fav had to hoist her in, Sarah the oldest, was getting grumpy, I guess she thought we’d never leave! But finally we were all settled in. It’s a good thing he thinks I’m cute, because, um half way there, he noticed my car was on E… sigh.  But, we made it, and it was exciting for me. And although there wasn’t much to see this is what we heard


We only went once because, you know, the gas thing, lol, which he promptly rectified on our way home, but we plan on going back soon to the ONLY musical road in the United States (yes I’m so proud of my city) to see what it would sound like at different speeds!

If you’re in the area and interested, take a drive out toward Apollo Park on Avenue G, stay in the left lane, and enjoy!