Monday, February 25, 2013

Sew…. For a little Clarity


In general, I will be focusing on making one dress per month, however, in that we will need to mail the dresses off by mid April for them to be received in time, I need to step things up a bit. Therefore, I am beginning Dress 3. That being said, please do feel welcome to make any of the dresses, skip a dress, or um..keep up lol. I know some of you have fallen deeply in love with making Dress 1, the Pillowcase dress, so just keep sewing them! That you would consider making a dress to donate, is awesome to me. And PLEASE do, keep sending your images to me. I will include the ones I have gotten already at the end so scroll away =-)

Now about Dress 3… Dress 3 is really an excuse to show how to read, and resize (grade) patterns. You do not need to have the same pattern I am using. You can use a pattern you already have, buy one, or just skip this Dress altogether. But one of the things I am most asked about is sizing patterns.

Commercial patterns do not always (ok hardly ever) use the standard clothing sizes you see in retail stores. Clothing sizes vary by designer, from store to store, and from year to year, and so as not to make yourself crazy trying to remember which pattern/designer/year fits you, I will show a few tips on how to make any pattern (ish) fit you or whoever you are sewing for.

If you plan to follow along with me, next Monday have a commercially made pattern, and measuring tape handy. I will be sizing my pattern down to a size 6, but the same principles apply to sizing up.

For now enjoy these images (You Guys are AWESOME!) See you Monday!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

For My Sam


Per request, I am posting these videos from the NCT Dance Concert. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sew with me Dress 2–Construction


Thanks Guys! we have soooo many dresses right now It’s awesome. And now for dress 2! Hopefully you have been following along here on my blog ( I don’t always share this via facebook…) and have gotten your supplies ready and have your printed pattern prepped and ready!

Here’s my finished dress, and here’s how I did it…

dress2-1   dress2-2

I tried really hard to stick close to the pattern as is, but as you can see, you can make so many variations to make this your very own unique creation just like you have been with the pillow case dresses. I may even add a pocket or two, who knows? Have fun, and do send me pictures of your dresses, I am loving seeing your finished projects. I think I will post some of your images here so everyone can enjoy them as much as I am. Until then, get to sewing! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Showing Some Love


Happy Valentines Day! We wish you love peace and joy! And just to extend that love a bit more, we here at LaShunda Smith Photography are GIFTING our existing POL Customers one 8x10 Image from your most recent Portrait Session YAY!

Sooooo shoot me an email with the title/link to your latest Portrait Session (ie. Smith Christmas 2012), the number of the image you would like gifted to you, and your current address. That’s it! Check your mail boxes.

showing some love


Sew With Me–Dress 2 Preparation


First, THANK YOU for sewing with me! I am having SEW much fun! Ok now back to our regularly scheduled sew-a-long.

The pattern for our second dress can be found Here at Elysium Patterns and is a .PDF download. In order to see and use this pattern you will need to have Adobe Reader ( which most computers already have installed but if you do not, you can find it free at and a printer handy.


Once you have downloaded the plans, go ahead and print them. These plans are already scaled correctly so there is no need to change anything, simply print them as is, and read over the directions. Read the plans through fully, and gather all your provisions.

Monday, February 4, 2013

N & M Engagement Session Teasers


On a grey blah day, we ventured out to capture the love story of this young stylish couple. We had no idea what a treat we were in for. Seriously, who goes to an ice cream shop and doesn’t eat ice cream!? Firstly though, let me say congratulations to N&M! We wish you joy today and in those to come!


Our adventure began with us playing “Is this them?” as we looked for two passengers in each car that passed us, and still they managed to sneak up on us. We knew then that we’d have a blast with them!


nme-3 nme-2nme-8

And they were up to every task and visual whim that came to mind! Don’t they look gorgeous?!

nme-4    nme-6

So very glad we caught a smidge of sunset


May all your days together be filled with laughter

Sew With Me – Dress 1



Do I have to make all the dresses? 

Not at all! I am just thrilled you would consider making even one with me! I only ask that you donate it =-D

How much fabric / what type of fabric, do I need for the dresses?

Each dress takes about 1 to 2 yards of fabric. I am using 100% cotton because it is lightweight, holds it shape well, and is readily available.

What is the time line for the dresses?

My goal is to make one dress a month-ish, but every Monday, I will be posting or putting up tips and extras that are associated with that months dress. For instance, For January’s dress, we made our own bias tape the first week, and now this week we are making the dress…

Can I just buy a dress?

Yes you can purchase a dress and donate it to :

Lira School Dress Project   
1701 Lytle Trail
Abilene, TX 79602

Can I just make my own dress from a pattern I already have / Can I just purchase a pattern?

Absolutely, this project is something I am personally committed to doing. Even though I am super busy, I decided to take one day a week (Mondays) and do something that is personally fulfilling to me, and decided to share. Sew…. come on! Sew along!

Now that that is out of the way! Here is the video. As the video is not in real time, I suggest you watch it in it’s entirety the first time through so that you can become familiar with the process, and then pause it at each step as you are sewing along with me! Till next Monday!

Oh and if you have any questions or comments, please fell free to post them here, and I will be sure to respond.