Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sew with me Dress 2–Construction


Thanks Guys! we have soooo many dresses right now It’s awesome. And now for dress 2! Hopefully you have been following along here on my blog ( I don’t always share this via facebook…) and have gotten your supplies ready and have your printed pattern prepped and ready!

Here’s my finished dress, and here’s how I did it…

dress2-1   dress2-2

I tried really hard to stick close to the pattern as is, but as you can see, you can make so many variations to make this your very own unique creation just like you have been with the pillow case dresses. I may even add a pocket or two, who knows? Have fun, and do send me pictures of your dresses, I am loving seeing your finished projects. I think I will post some of your images here so everyone can enjoy them as much as I am. Until then, get to sewing! 


  1. wow, Sew thought u were going to do a video (not just intro) on this one. :-) looks awesomely beautimus.

  2. Yes, I noticed the video did not upload with the post. I just re-uploaded the video for you! enjoy!